Vol 2
Jane Savoie

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Now on DVD, Jane Savoie shows how "riding in your mind's eye" will help you reach your personal best. She reveals the secrets that elite athletes have known for years - the powers of visualisation to affect performance. This concept has contributed to her success not only as a competitor but also as a trainer and Olympic coach. Jane's premise is that practice doesn't make perfect; "perfect" practice makes perfect. By reprogramming your mind with the correct mental pictures - that is, vivid images of movements ridden well - you can etch the right pictures in your mind's eye.

Each segment of the program contains a brief description of a movement and then breaks down the aids in a simple to understand way; this is followed by a "perfect" practice section where you're left to quietly absorb the "perfect" pictures. By watching these demonstrations over and over, and replaying them in your mind's eye on a regular basis, you will improve your riding skills even when you're not on your horse!

Vol 2: First Level

Jane covers the movements and exercises required of the First Level horse, including: 10 metre circles in trot - 15 metre circles in canter - trot serpentines - taking the reins out of your hands - lengthenings - leg yielding - changes of lead through the trot - counter canter

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Region: 2
Running Time: 53 minutes

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