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Born in Stratford, England in 1564, William Shakespeare, one of the world`s greatest writers, wrote more than 35 plays encompassing comedy, history and tragedies.

His plays, each containing vivid characters of all types and from many walks of life, have been a vital part of the theatre in the Western world since they were written some 400 years ago.

Enjoy a front row seat in the comfort of your home with a Shakespeare classic starring an internationally acclaimed cast.

Shakespeare`s tragic story of young impetuous love thwarted by a bitter Veronese family feud.

Romeo, heir of the Montague family, attends a masquerade dance at the home of their rivals, the Capulets, where he meets Juliet, the Capulets` daughter. It is love at first sight. Their love is torn asunder by their families feuding and it is only after the double tragedy of Romeo and Juliet`s suicide that their families are reconciled in sorrow.

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Running Time: 165 minutes

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