Volume 3
Rudolf Zeilinger

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Rudolf Zeilinger, long time pupil of Willi Schultheis and instructor of Olympic and world champion horses, is known for his sensible and sensitive way of schooling dressage horses. His horses are fascinating to watch again and again because of their easiness, relaxedness and their naturalness he knows how to preserve.

Part 3: Lateral Work as a Key to Success

Motivated and supple horses up to Grand Prix level - for Rudolf Zeilinger, lateral work is an essential element in a horse's dressage training. In the third part of this series, this successful rider and trainer demonstrates lateral work with his own horses, explaining when to begin, what requirements have to be fulfilled and how he works individually with horses that vary greatly in temperament as well as training level. In this very impressive presentation, the viewer is able to experience how all of Zeilinger's horses achieve constantly increasing levels of elasticity, impulsion and suppleness as a result of lateral work.

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Running Time: 53 minutes

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