Volume 4
Rudolf Zeilinger

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Rudolf Zeilinger, long time pupil of Willi Schultheis and instructor of Olympic and world champion horses, is known for his sensible and sensitive way of schooling dressage horses. His horses are fascinating to watch again and again because of their easiness, relaxedness and their naturalness he knows how to preserve.

Part 4 The Counter Canter, Flying Changes and Canter Pirouettes

The extremely successful dressage trainer Rudolf Zeilinger once again affords us the opportunity to see how he works with his horses. Learning to do the flying change, for example, is something which many horses do not find easy. Zeilinger shows us how even difficult horses can learn to do this lesson without experiencing stress in the process. Furthermore, he clearly demonstrates his entire canter work up to the level of perfect half passes, canter pirouettes and flying changes from one stride to the next.

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