Volume 5
Rudolf Zeilinger

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Rudolf Zeilinger, long time pupil of Willi Schultheis and instructor of Olympic and world champion horses, is known for his sensible and sensitive way of schooling dressage horses. His horses are fascinating to watch again and again because of their easiness, relaxedness and their naturalness he knows how to preserve.

Part 5: Achieving Collection, Piaffe and Passage

Collection is the magic ingredient which allows the horse's movement, with continued training to become more elevated and expressive. Even if one does not necessarily aspire to the lofty goal of Grand Prix test, this DVD will provide valuable help to improve the horses movement in trot and canter, to increase the smoothness of the steps and to create the ultimate elasticity. Of course, the ultimate dream of every dressage rider is the perfect Piaffe and Passage, with the horse dancing apparently effortlessly and with deceptive lightness. Zeilinger shows his sensitive training method and provides interesting hints and examples. This DVD will be a valuable guide for both amateurs and professionals.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 56 minutes

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