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Born in Stratford, England in 1564, William Shakespeare, on of the worlds greatest writers, who wrote more than 35 plays encompassing comedy, history and tragedies.

His plays, each containing vivid characters of all types and from many walks of life, have been a vital part of the theatre in the Western world since they were written some 400 years ago.

Enjoy a front row seat in the comfort of your home with a shake spear classic starring an internationally acclaimed cast.

The Merry Wives of Windsor in Shakespeare's timeless comedy of love, seduction, fanciful deceits and martial fidelity.

Sir John Falstaff, a roguish seducer, plots to conquer what he assumes are potentially unfaithful wives.

His identical love letters to both Mistress Ford and Mistress Page and planned deceit are discovered not only by the wives who plot to teach Falstaff a lesson, but also by the husband of Mistress Ford who plots a test of his wife's fidelity.

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Running Time: 150 minutes

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