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This Sodbury Vale Ploughing Match offered the combination of Vintage tractors, and high class ploughing in nearly perfect weather conditions.

Ploughing marks the start of the farming year. Done correctly, the soil is best prepared to gain maximum advantage from weathering. Ploughmen have always taken a pride in this work.

Where better than this Ploughing Match organised by the Sodbury Vale Group of the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club to display the standard of your work? Many of the competitors would have restored their tractor aswell.

Many familiar sounds from the past can be enjoyed as you sit back and enjoy watching the craftsmen at work.

With a Land Rover hitched to a two furrow plough, and an International Junior hitched by chain to a three furrow riding plough, their were some unexpected sights aswell.

Also included is some archive footage of the same event recorded nearly 20 years ago. This film shows some of this year's entrants, looking a lot younger and having to endure weather and ground conditions that were not so favourable!

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Region: 2
Running Time: 77 minutes

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