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Jennie Loriston-Clarke

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Jennie Loriston-Clarke is Britain's most established dressage aficionado and has studied horses since childhood. She has competed successfully in many disciplines including showjumping, eventing, point-to-pointing and showing, before concentrating seriously on dressage. Jennie has always been fascinated by breeding, breaking and training her own horses with which she has been successful in World Class dressage. Her world Bronze Medal in 1978 with Dutch Courage put Britain on the map as a dressage nation and was instrumental in creating the enthusiasm in the sport which continues today. With Dutch courage she earnt a great reputation, especially when riding to music, having won six World Cup qualifiers.

In this series of DVDs, Jennie puts her ideas of how to master every aspect of training and the handling of horses of all ages.

Volume 3 - Aids, Paces and Transitions, includes:

Correct Seat of the Rider
Application of Aids
Teaching the Horse the Aids with Transitions
Rein Back
Shoulder In, Turns, Circles, Half Halts, etc
Transitions within the Paces and Halt

Volume 4 - Towards Collection, includes:

Initial Lateral Work
Half Pass, Renvers, Travers
Flying Change
Early Pirouette and Piaffe

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Region: 2
Running Time: 120 minutes

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