Vol 2 Heavy Weather Sailing

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Many sailors anxieties about sailing in winds stronger than 20 knots will be eased when they learn the lessons taught in this fast-paced and highly informative DVD about going out when the winds are strong and the seas are high.

In this programme host-demonstrator John Rousmaniere, sailing aboard a Hinckley Sou`wester sloop in the Caribbean shows the modern techniques and equipment for mastering tough conditions so that the experience becomes more enjoyable and less fearful. Manoeuvres are demonstrated with detailed close-ups and animated graphics.

Subjects covered include: boat and crew preparation, how to avoid falling overboard, storm tactics including heaving to and drogue deployment, trimming and shortening sails in fresh strong and gale winds, and exciting footage from the Whitbread Round The World Race.

JOHN ROUSMANIERE, the author of THE ANNAPOLIS BOOK OF SEAMANSHIP - "The most complete and best reference book on the sport that has ever been available" according to the American Sailing Association, has now made a programme of equal authority and quality. As one of the sports most acknowledged authorities, John Rousmaniere has covered more than 30.000 miles of blue water and has written 15 books about the seas and sailing. Yacht Racing & Cruising magazine awarded him its Medal of Achievement for Contribution to Yachting.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 55 minutes

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