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Be part of America's fastest growing pastime!

From the traditional to state-of-the-art, this DVD will take you through a number of unique knitting experiences.

This is the definitive collector's edition DVD.

Knitting is a visual, motion art form, which makes it difficult to learn from books and magazines. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced knitter, this clear visual DVD demonstrates the intricacies of knitting in an effective manner.

Knitting Demos: Beginner to advanced

Yarns, Tools And Colours: Fiber types, shearing, spinning and dyeing - Tools and colour theory

Knitting Lifestyles: Knitting circles, events and workshops.

Knitting Library: Stitch library, glossary of terms, abbreviations - Patterns and knitting tips

Music To Knit By: Piano, flute and inspirational selections

Resource Guide: Local yarn and craft stores, product index - Books and magazines - Charities and events

And so much more...

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Region: 2
Running Time: 219 minutes

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