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In all the DVD's in this series, Jeremy Michaels FBHS, former Head of Education at the BHS, gives the viewer a guided tour through each exam showing the content of the exam day, what the examiners are looking for and what exactly is involved.

In the BHS Stage 2 exam, the day starts at 8.30am with an examiner briefing and is usually finished by 4.00pm. Before entering the riding section of this examination, the candidate must have passed the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test. Five candidates take this exam and are followed through he practical and practical oral, where they are required to show a greater knowledge of horse care than in Stage 1.

They are also seen lungeing for exercise and in the riding section, they ride on the flat in an enclosed area, outside in an open space and over a course of showjumping.

Filmed exclusively at Hartpury College, Jeremy comments at regular intervals during each stage on the performances of the individual candidates, highlighting both good and bad points. He also talks to the examiners and gets them to comment on specific items of interest.

Any prospective candidate will find this series to be an invaluable aid when preparing for the BHS exam.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes

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