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In the heartland of Norfolk, running through outstanding scenery, the 15 inch gauge Bure Valley Railway hurries you from Aylsham to the Broads at J Wroxham. It is a wonderful little line, following the course of a closed Railway, with level crossings and river bridge, cuttings, embankments and a tunnel.

Contrary to public opinion about Norfolk, the line is NOT flat and the engines have to work very hard to pull their long, busy trains up stiff gradients in either direction. So much so that here you will find the most powerful examples of their kind, with a strong chuff and a rapid pace.

The line has grown and grown in popularity, partly as there's lots to do in this beautiful holiday area. Some trains connect with boats on the Broads and a cycle pathway and footpath runs along the railway for people to enjoy.

The DVD is an excellent memento of a trip on the line, it shows the trains, the country¬side and the engines at full steam which will delight both the traveller and the railway enthusiast alike. It is an excellent programme telling the viewer much about the railway and its heritage with wonderful countryside views.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes 

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