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In this programme celebrating the Suffolk Punch, Ray Hubbard speaks with a lifetime's experience. How were working horses managed? What did they do on the farm? A head horseman at the age of 21, Ray has a fund of knowledge from which to answer questions like these. He is also a skilful musician and singer, as he shows in this programme.

Other features of the DVD include a visit to the Hollesley Bay Colony, where we see a number of Suffolk Punches in all their glory. Horsemanship and decoration are displayed at the Suffolk horse ploughing match and we are offered a view of the unique collection of horse paintings and memorabilia at the Suffolk Horse museum.

Turning from the past to the present, Susannah Powell shows how she uses working horses today for logging and reveals the results of crossing a Suffolk Punch with a Catalonian donkey to produce her ideal forestry horse.

She and Ray have a lot in common. Although they come from different generations, they share a commitment to the working horse based on their love for these adaptable and loyal animals.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 55 minutes

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