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At 127 miles long from end to end, the wide-beamed Leeds and Liverpool Canal was the longest single canal ever opened in Britain.

The canal places a whole string of Yorkshire manufacturing towns firmly on the waterways map; Leeds, Shipley, Bingley, Saltaire, Keighley & Skipton. It follows Airedale and thrusts up onto the Pennines via the spectacular 2-rise, 3-rise and 5-rise of locks at Bingley.

This is a heavy duty canal, not for the faint hearted. The locks are deep, wide and slow to operate, while many of the numerous swing bridges are now quite heavy with road traffic. But the rewards for cruising it are tremendous, for it's an exhilarating journey along the edge of the sheep-mown grassy slopes of the Pennines through magnificent upland scenery.

The programme shows this canal as a complete contrast to any other on the system. It presents a fascinating and unique view of the industrial towns of the North and gives an insight into the characters who help to make this waterway so special.

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