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Disc 1 & 2 cover the 'Mark Todd Training Method' in which Mark demonstrates some of the methods he used to produce a horse from novice through intermediate to advanced.

  • Disc 1: The Young Horse - General Flatwork and Preparing for Dressage

Mark takes the viewer through the basic problems riders commonly encounter when trying to apply the aids to an untrained horse. In 'General Flatwork' Mark works on leg yielding, shoulder-in, quarters-in and half pass, keeping the horse in balance. "We want the horse to move more freely forward into the hands from the leg" says Mark. In preparing for dressage mark demonstrates how he would warm up for a test giving useful tips on what to do during the test.

  • Disc 2: Preparing for Show Jumping and Cross Country Training at Home

Mark deals with the jumping position, gridwork, helps with common problems such as rushing fences, straightness establishing rhythm and tackling related distances.

In the cross country section Mark explains some training exercises which he uses at home to give the horse basic experience at jumping corner fences, bounces, angles and coffins etc.

In both programmes Mark clearly demonstrates to camera what he is doing and combined with detailed graphics this makes for excellent, instructive viewing.

  • Disc 3: 20 Years of Cross Country

Sit back and enjoy the most notable cross country rounds of Mark's illustrious career as he relives some of those amazing performances from the Southern Comfort to Bertie Blunt. Who will forget his brilliant rides on Horton Point and The Irishman at Badminton - horses he only sat on the week of the event! A master at work!

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Triple DVDset
Region: 2
Running Time: 180 minutes

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