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The River Avon has a pleasant air of comfortable prosperity about it, which gives no clue whatsoever to the enormous effort that has been required to achieve it.

The DVD also tells the story of the tremendously ambitious and successful restorations of the navigation this century, starting in 1950 with Douglas Barwell OBE and the formation of the Lower Avon Navigation Trust.

The tale continues with the formation of the Upper Avon Navigation Trust with David Hutchings MBE and others in 1965. There are fascinating first-hand accounts from people who were very much involved in these restorations. Accounts of the plotting and scheming to thwart obstructive third parties, the frustrations, and yes, of some failures.

But overall it's a story of magnificent achievements, culminating in 1974 with the opening of the Upper Avon Navigation by HM The Queen Mother.

It's an inspiring and fascinating DVD for all waterway enthusiasts to enjoy.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 57 minutes

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