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This DVD takes you on a journey on the Severn navigation from Stourport to Sharpness.

Severn isn't a nice gentle well behaved river like the Thames. Severn is wild, she's untamed, exciting, dangerous. Severn is to be respected at all times. No pretty views of the rolling countryside for Severn. For Severn has to be controlled between high wooded banks. Severn floods. No "Moor as you please", for moorings have to be carefully engineered to be safe on Severn.

She's dramatic, thrilling, challenging. A great big beast of a river. A man's river. A river to be beaten. A river that will always win in the end. Awesome, powerful, magnificent Severn.

At Gloucester she becomes tidal and gives way to the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. A ship canal where, once, huge tankers silently plodded their way across the golden corn fields of Gloucestershire.

Capture the feeling, the magic, the wonder. Watch the DVD. . . Meet the people.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 50 minutes

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