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The River Wey can truly be described as an oasis of beauty. Running through the heart of the stock-broker belt from Weybridge down to Godalming, the navigation is quiet, peaceful and quite beautiful. It lies within one of the most densely populated areas of Britain .... and yet relatively few people use it or even seem to know about it.

The main part of the Wey Navigation, down to Guildford, is very early. It was built in the 17th Century, about a hundred years or so before James Brindley.

Unusually, the navigation is operated and beautifully maintained by the National Trust, to whom it was given by the former owner, Harry Stevens whose family had been the major carrier and operator on the navigation.

This DVD also takes a look at the Basingstoke Canal, and highlights a strong naturalists? lobby to reduce the number of boat movements to just a token number every year. Disappointingly, there were no boats moving on the navigation, and no evidence of anyone else enjoying this beautiful canal, making it a poor subject for video, and so the coverage has been kept short.

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