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Sir Stanley Matthews was the most renowned player of modern times. His professional career covered some 33 years. When he retired in 1965 - aged 50 - he had made nearly 700 League appearances for Stoke City and Blackpool and had played for England 84 times, including two appearances for Great Britain. He was knighted in 1964.

Matthews joined Stoke City straight from school at the age of fourteen and two years later became a full-time professional. At the age of 18 he played for England in a full international for the first time. In 1947, after war service in the RAF, he left Stoke City, and joined Blackpool Football Club, with which he stayed for 14 years. It was during this period that he achieved his greatest triumph in what became known as "the Matthews Final" of 1953, paving the way for Blackpool's last-minute victory against Bolton Wanderers.

He played his last international - against Scotland - in 1957, and in the same year was made a CBE.

Matthews rejoined Stoke City in 1961, when they were near the bottom of the second division. The team was transformed, gates rose from 9,000 to 36,000 and the following year they were promoted.

Action from Matthews' career is included in this incredible profile on one of football's true legends.

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