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The Staffs and Worcester Canal played an important part in the development of the Industrial Revolution. It provided an outlet for the heavy industries of the Black Country, to the Severn, and hence to the port of Bristol.

This DVD, a real collectors item filmed to Broadcast standards, captures the beauty and the atmosphere of the present day canal. Much of the industry has gone, and the journey along the canal is one of the most beautiful in the country.

The canal passes through an extensive lake known as Tixall wide, where boaters can moor to watch the many species of water birds. It follows the attractive valleys of the river Sow, the Penk, Smeestow brook and the Stour. For part of its length it hugs the base of a spectacular old red sandstone cliff formation, at times passing beneath huge overhangs. Some of the locks are hewn out of the rock itself. It finishes at Stourport, an inland port with all the atmosphere of a seaside resort.

This DVD is a must for anyone cruising the Staffs & Worcester or with an interest in the canals.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 57 minutes

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