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The Stratford-On-Avon Canal takes you through the Heart of England and into some of the most beautiful countryside in Shakespeare's Warwickshire.

It starts right alongside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford On Avon, and winds through pleasant open countryside in to the outer fringes of Birmingham at Kings Norton Junction.

It is a canal that was almost lost to us in the 1950's. The DVD briefly tells the story of its rescue in which a lonely canoeist's navigation ticket provided the vital evidence that the waterway was still being used and thus prevented its Closure Bill becoming law.

It's a wonderful story of restoration and maintenance on a shoe string in which the indefatigable David Hutchings MBE enlisted the help of prisoners from the West Midlands to assist in canal clearance and lock building.

In this programme we not only travel the length of the canal, but we meet the canoeist and some of the people who have been involved in the restoration from day one.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 47 minutes

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