Sow And Scatter
Volume 1

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Sow and Scatter brought to you by Stephen Richmond and Jonathan Whitlam.

The tractor on its own is a wonderfully versatile machine but when an implement of any kind is attached its usefulness doubles. This programme demonstrates the relationship between the tractor and a wide range of farm machinery used to make the job of farming easier.

Jonathan and Stephen offer an insight into the history of the major equipment used to treat soil, maintain hedges and ditches, turn the soil by ploughing and cultivating, plant the seeds and finally care for the growing crops.

A wide range of implements are demonstrated including horse drawn machinery and steam engine power through to the massive American five-wheeled Terra-Gator self propelled spreader. And if your passion is tractors, there's some fine examples, all hard at work, from the vintage Fordson N, through classics like the David Brown 1390 right up to the latest giant rubber tracked monsters.

This programme has taken Jonathan and Stephen over four years to record and demonstrates their comprehensive knowledge and obvious excitement for all things tractor based - fascinating to both old and new enthusiasts alike.

DVD Info

Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes
Release Date: 16/10/06

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