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The Warwickshire Ring offers a delightful two week holiday cruise around the canals of the heart of England. Most of it is through the delightful open country of Shakespeare's Warwickshire, but it also lets you explore our industrial heritage through Britain's second city. You'll travel over some of Britain's oldest narrow canals, and over one of the last major canal improvements, the Grand Union, upgraded to a wide canal in the 1930's.

We begin our journey around the ring at Braunston, travel up to Birmingham, and then leave by the North Eastern exit on what the old boatmen referred to as "the bottom road". The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal takes out to Drayton Manor Park where we join the Coventry Canal and head across country to that other great city, Coventry. Then, it's on to the Oxford Canal and those graceful iron bridges back to Braunston.

This great value pack contains an information-packed CD, full of printable information about your route, with details of pubs, restaurants, boat yards and facilities.

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Running Time: 77 minutes

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