Out & About The Romantic Rhine
By Train & Boat

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The Romantic section of Germany's best know river is along the Rhine gorge, which starts north of the ancient city of Mainz and extends to the confluence with the Mosel at Koblenz.

We start our journey at Mainz, view the beautiful cathedral, watch the trams - before making our way to the quayside to catch the KD motor vessel Stolzenfels for our cruise north. It is from the river itself that we can enjoy the best views of this international transport corridor and yet be surrounded by ancient castles, charming riverside towns and, naturally, vineyards.

Between Mainz and Rudesheim, we have the opportunity to explore the KD motor vessel and watch the river traffic on the great river.

It is not until we reach the popular wine town of Rudesheim that we meet the rail routes once more. Here the east bank "freight route" bisects the town with the railway running down the promenade! View it while you can as a rail "by-pass" is planned!

Across the river to Bingen and the "left rail route" joins us. We will hardly be out of sight of either route for the next four hours to Koblenze. We call at the major stops along the way and examine the pretty little towns and villages that have been so popular with the British since Queen Victoria's era.

Watch the Loreley rocks slip by, stand by the Ox Tower at Oberwesel, where countless railway photographs have been taken.

Can you spot the rail-wagons full of bananas from the high slopes of the Rhine vineyards?

More different views of the Rhine and it's railways then you thought possible!

Before we finish our journey, we look down upon the rail and river traffic from the heights of Marksberg Castle.

In the film you will see both the new generation DB, class 101 Electric's and the "tilting" ICT and some old favourites like the DB icon of the Rhine the 103, plus international freight and passenger trains a plenty!

Enjoy it while you can! In two years time the fast trains will miss the gorge section completely as the speed to Frankfurt on the new NBS - high speed line.

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