The GySEV In Austria

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The GySEV is unique! An international railway that avoided the clutches of Communism and the dowdy state imperialism of the post war period to emerge in the 21st century as a modern link between east and west.

To say that the GySEV is a private railway is an over simplification, it’s major share holders are the governments of the two countries that it links, Austria and Hungary. It has however developed in its own way, borrowing a little from both sides but retaining a distinctive flavour of its own.

To add to the charm of the system, the eclectrified main line from Györ-Sapron-Ebenfurti Vasút (or Ebenfurth in German) along which ply international passenger trains and huge quantities of freight, is crisscrossed by branch lines that seem to belong to a different era.

Along the Neusiedl am See “branch” that runs to the east of the Neusiedler See, the “pick up goods train” is alive and well! The whole area is covered by the film.

We start in Vienna at the ÖBB’s unusual triangular terminal -the Süd bahnhof, and then follow the mainline towards the Semmering and Italy. Ebenfurth is where the GySEV meets the ÖBB and where our adventure begins...

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