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Welcome to Sweden! Stockholm is the capital of the country, it is also the largest city in Scandinavia and is only “bettered” by St Petersburg in the whole of the Nordic region.

A cosmopolitan city that contains a wealth of interest for the rail based tourist and enthusiast. Stockholm is the centre of the Swedish Railways -SJ- InterCity network that is worked by the fast and stylish X2000 tilting trains from ABB. Secondary InterCity trains and “Regionals” are worked “ASEA” electric units that, some would say, pioneered modern power electronics for traction.

You will also see “green freight” moved by these machines on its way to Finland. We even pop across the Baltic to Turku to see how the “Jiptrans” wagons have their bogies changed for onward movement over the broad gauge in Finland! Back in Stockholm we travel the “T-Bahn”, the new light rail super tram- run by UK firm Connex and the Heritage tourist tram.

Practical information is given, boat trips places to visit, to eat and stay and so on. Naturally we also give some thoughts on coming and going-this gives us the excuse to try out the Arlande Express between the airport and Stockholm Central!

The DVD was filmed by Austrian signal Engineer Gerald Masser, it has been digitally edited by FHP Audio Visual in the UK. The English narration is by Phyllis Watts.

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