The Montzen Line
1997 To 2003

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Antwerp is Europe’s third largest port but the most important for railfreight. As important in fact for the German economy as for that of Belgium.

Line 34 was actually built by the Germans to give easy access to the north sea! Now it’s as busy as ever and we chart the route from Antwerp to Aachen.

At Antwerp, we spend some time looking at the freight which travels the line; bananas from the National Fruit Quay bound for Germany, paper inbound from Austria, then see how B-Cargo process it and dispatch it through the busy section from Nord to Berchem. We follow the mixed use railway through Aarschot and Diest to Hasselt and then to Glons where line 34 becomes line 24!

Impressive civil engineering follows: across the Albert canal and the Meuse at Visé. Before you know it you’re at Montzen yard and we start the run over the non-electrified section to the German border. Along this section you will find a huge variety of diesel traction both from the SNCB NMBS and from the DB.

The Montzen viaduct is spectacular - the second longest in Belgium - and we watch trains spanning the years as well as the valley! The Gemmenicher tunnel is quite plain on the Belgian side but highly decorated on the German portal! Watch the heavy freights being banked up the incline in a variety of combinations!

Then it’s Aachen and we view all the action from 212s to the latest traction from the SBB, Rail4Chem and DB Cargo.

Filmed by Tim Martin and Peter Van Gestel, digitally edited in the UK by FHP Audio Visual- the producers of B-Cargo Belgian Railfreight Today!

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