The Rivage To Gouvy Line
1997 To 2002

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Belgiums most scenic railway? Well we think so! This film charts the line from north to south beginning at Liege and ending not in Belgium at all but in Luxembourge. It is after all the lines raison debt to link the capital of French speaking Belgium with the Grand Dutche.

The film charts the line both historically - most of the footage was taken during the late 1990s when the line was non electrified - as well as Geographically. Rivage is the starting point for line 42 and we view the former motive power shop before hitching up to a heavy mineral train for the journey south through the linestone gourge cut by the beautifull river Amblève.

We cris cross the river as we head for Aywalle, in time for the saturday morning market, Stourmont and Trois - Point where the remains of the former line to Spa via Stavelot can be seen as well as the twisty tourist line the Vennbahn.

We head further south inclose company with the N68 to Vielsalm a crossing point on this mostly single track route and where much of the Ardennes timber is loaded to rail. We journey through time here to see the railway under the wire and see how a modern B-Cargo loads the timber.

Luxembourge is entered just south of Gouvey but we continue south for a quick look at the capital of the Grand Dutchy. Also included are a steam day out with an ex PKP Kreigs Loc and look at the electric railway being built on top of the classic line.

Filmed by line 42 specialist Peter van Gestrel and Tim Martin from FHP. Narrated in English by Phylis Watts.

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Running Time: 80 minutes

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