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Schooling for every horse and rider.

Lungeing plays an important part in a horse's training. A couple of lunge sessions each week will help to strengthen your horse's back muscles and make him more supple and easier to ride. Lungeing him before you ride will loosen him up and settle him before you get on him.

This DVD covers lungeing with all levels of horse from novice to more advanced and is invaluable if you are not sure how to lunge, or want to improve your technique.

This DVD shows you how to establish basic techniques and is extremely helpful if you do not have regular lessons. The format of this DVD gives you the option of selecting which lesson to watch at any time. Follow the straightforward on-screen menus to help you navigate through them.

On screen, follow each stage of the work beginning with lungeing technique, equipment to use, leadin in hand and simple pole work and progressing to more advanced in hand work, use of training aids, pole exercises and jumping on the lunge. Lunge work improves your horse's way of going and develops your own skills as a horse trainer. Correct, safe lungeing helps you to observe and understand which muscles your horse should be using and why. Using ground poles and gymnastic jumping on the lunge helps to improve your horse's co-ordination, and strength. This is vital to developing a good jumping technique.

Claire Lilley has been training horses and teaching riders both overseas and in the UK for over twenty years. She believes that successful schooling involves sensitivity and understanding, always being aware that every horse and rider are different.

Training must be enjoyable in order for horses and riders to acheive their goals. Nevertheless the same basic principles, of a good seat and the correct aids must be maintained across the disciplines.

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