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This program contains the following USCG official training films, previously not available unless rented from the government on 16mm film:

CHART INTERPRETATION Part 1: "Understanding A Chart" great circles, the meridian, longitude, latitude, chart scales.

CHART INTERPRETATION Part 2: "Reading The Chart" sounding datum, colour scheme, symbol, abbreviation, chart no 1.

CHART INTERPRETATION Part 3: "Using The Chart" meridian grid, arc distance, using dividers, scaling distance, plotting.

AIDS TO NAVIGATION: Lateral system of navigation aids in U.S.

USEFUL KNOTS: 15 valuable knots including sheet bend, bowline, clove hitch, anhor bend.

VISUAL DISTRESS SIGNALS: USCG visual distress signal law: illustrates all legal signals used at sea.

CAPSIZING, SINKING, MAN OVERBOARD: Dealing with the three major causes of death in pleasure boating and how to avoid them.

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