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Tutorial 1 - Starting with Monochrome

Ideal for the watercolourist who is just beginning to explore this rewarding hobby and a valuable technique exercise for those already painting in watercolour. Your tutor is Walter Roberts, best known as a painter in strong watercolours who taught and demonstrated for many years both in the UK and abroad.

Your tutorial includes:

  • Introduction, Equipment and Subject
  • Paint and Water Application
  • Brush Technique
  • Light and Shade
  • Texture and Tone
  • Exploring Different Subjects

Tutorial 2 - Working With A Limited Palette

Detailed explanation of the benefits of this excellent discipline for a watercolourist to heed, presented by Walter Roberts.

Your tutorial includes:

  • A 4 Colour Palette
  • An 8 Colour Palette
  • Choice of Pigment for Versatile Colours
  • Mixing Colour
  • Application for Tone and Texture

Tutorial 3 - Painting on Site

A step by step guide from start to finish to painting a delightful watercolour. Your tutor is George Sear, the internationally acclaimed artist and teacher who has exhibited at the Royal Institute.

Your tutorial includes:

  • Choice of Viewpoint
  • The Preliminary Sketch, Aspects and Design
  • Colour Mixing and Application
  • Wet and Dry Brush Techniques

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Region: 0
Running Time: 140 minutes

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