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Two programmes are offered together on this disc, giving I20 minutes of viewing pleasure.

The 'Watercress Line', made in 1993 shows the big engines in action, with footage of 76017, Canadian Pacific, Swanage, 92203, Britannia, 257 Squadron and others, including the tne inaugural run of newly restored Standard 5, 73096.

There is a footplate ride and lots of lineside action, well edited and clearly photographed. It is by all accounts a most interesting glimpse of the scene some time ago, shot in wonderful weather and put together by broadcasting professionals; so the standard of editing is excellent, there is a quality commentary and the pictures are clear and sharp.

In 1997 The Watercress Line celebrated its 20th anniversary and this was marked with a special one-hour long video. The programme features the visit of the big LMS Stanier Pacific Duchess of Hamilton with linesde and footplate scenes at the March 1997 Gala.

The then recently restored SR, U Class Mogul, 31625 is featured along with footage taken through the year of locos like: LMS Black 5, M5337; LNER A4 Pacific, 60007, Sir Nigel Gresley, 73096; 31874; 30506 and 34105, Swanage.

As with all Whistler videos, you can expect dramatic lineside and footplate action but now with the addition of superb DVD quality these scenes can be seen as never before, clear and sharp.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 120 minutes

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