Prenatal Yoga With Zoe

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This fabulous DVD truly meets the needs of every mum to be. 'Bliss from within' is presented by Zoe, an experienced yoga teacher who is 25 weeks pregnant with her fourth baby during filming. Through years of teaching, and putting yoga to the test during her own pregnancies, Zoe has designed these pre natal yoga programs to open and strengthen the body, relieve various aches and pains and improve sleep. Zoe will also help pregnant women bond more deeply with their unborn baby and guide them through a happy and healthy pregnancy, with a positive approach to birth.

Bliss from within contains two comprehensive 45 minute yoga programs focusing on upper and lower body. The DVD also contains informative sections on positions for labour, pelvic floor techniques, baby bonding and encourages partner involvement with partner assisted yoga and positions; it is a complete package, unlike any other prenatal DVD. It will guide pregnant women through a happy and healthy pregnancy, and provide a positive approach to birth.

With a positions and massage for labour booklet inside, this prenatal yoga DVD is a complete package and it is endorsed by The National Association of Child Birth Educators Incorporated, NACE Inc.

Presented by Zoe, pre natal, post natal and baby yoga specialist, Bliss from within also provides modifications of each exercise to account for people of all levels of flexibility and stages of pregnancy.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 86 minutes

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