Lindsey Jackson

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The world's fastest growing fitness technique for men, improving your sport, work, back and sex.

Certified pilates instructor and corporate life coach Lindsey Jackson addresses men's differing needs for strength and flexibility with this tailored DVD.

Now used by many professional sports teams, runners, golfers, surfers, cyclists and horse riders, men are recognising the need for more than just brute force or speed! Men with sedentary jobs will benefit from moving their body fully and avoid postural problems by improving their core strength.

Lindsey teaches 2 men at different levels. Ideal for those new to pilates and those ready to move up a gear.

The DVD includes:

Focus yourself and loosen with a warm up - Stretch and develop your strength with a multi level workout - Challenge yourself with a bonus power section - Chill with a relaxation. Results - Stretch out tight hamstrings and lower backs - Reduce the risks of sporting injuries - Improve your posture, gravitas and presence - Avoid back pain and relieve stress - Improve sexual performance with pelvic floor strength

DVD Info

Region: 2
Running Time: 85 minutes

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