30 Minute Core Strength Workout

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As a professional fitness coach for over 18 years, Kevin Kearns has worked one-on-one with hundreds of diverse individuals with a variety of needs. He combines an encyclopedia-like knowledge of fitness, a results-oriented focus and a refreshing down-to-earth style of instruction. As demonstrated with this workout, Kevin's passion for fitness is truly inspiring.

The high-intensity Burn With Kearns' Core Strength Workout is for the intermediate to advanced exerciser, seeking variety and better results with their routine. Besides using the body's natural resistance, a medicine ball, strength bands, stability ball and dumbbells are incorporated into this workout DVD.

  • Instruction Segment:

Each exercise is broken down into detail with an aid of a demonstrator

  • Workout Segment:

Includes warm-up, main workout and cool-down

  • 2 Bonus Workouts:

The Dumbbell Matrix and Jug Juggernaut

DVD Info

Region: 2
Running Time: 46 minutes

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