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This album features 75 songs from the Great War; a war that reached out and touched almost everyone's life in some way or other.

CD 1

1. Pack Up Your Troubles [Murray Johnson]
2. It's A Long Way To Tipperary [John McCormack]
3. For Me And My Gal [Billy Murray]
4. Oh, You Beautiful Doll [The American Quartet]
5. Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning [Arthur Fields]
6. If You Were The Only Girl In The World [Violet Lorraine & George Robey]
7. Oh! What A Lovely War [Courtland & Jeffries]
8. Alexander's Ragtime Band [Irving Berlin]
9. Your King And Country Want You [Helen Clarke]
10. Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend [Ted Yorke]
11. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now [Henry Burr]
12. Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty [Ella Retford]
13. Boiled Beef And Carrots [Harry Champion]
14. The Rose Of No Man's Land [Henry Burr]
15. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny [American Quartet]
16. Tell That To The Marines [Al Jolson]
17. You Can't Beat Us [Arthur Fields]
18. They Didn't Believe Me [George Grossmith & Haidee De Rance]
19. Till We Meet Again [Charles Hart & Lewis James]
20. It's Time For Every Boy To Be A Soldier [Charles Hart]
21. Till The Clouds Roll By [Anna Wheaton & James Harrod]
22. How Ya Gonna To Keep 'Em Down On The Farm [Harry Fay]
23. Here We Are Again [Frederick Wheeler]
24. Send Me Away With A Smile [John McCormack]
25. Over There [Billy Murray]

CD 2

1. Goodbye - Eee [Courtland & Jeffries]
2. Keep The Home Fires Burning [John McCormack]
3. K-K-K Katy [Billy Murray]
4. Hello Central Give Me No Man's Land [Al Jolson]
5. Mademoiselle From Armentieres [Jack Charman]
6. Daisy Bell [Gerald Adams]
7. Lorraine, My Beautiful Alsace Lorraine [Vernon Dalhart]
8. Roses Of Picardy [John McCormack]
9. Lloyd George's Beer [Ernie Mayne]
10. Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser [Jack Sheridan]
11. Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers [Billy Murray]
12. A Conscientious Objector [Alfred Lester]
13. Are We Downhearted [Arthur Boyton]
14. Never Mind The Food Controller [Florrie Forde]
15. Now You've Got Your Khaki On [Marie Lloyd]
16. I May Be Gone For A Long Long Time [Peerless Quartet]
17. The Last Long Mile [Charles Hart]
18. I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier [Morton Harvey]
19. Somewhere In France, Dear Mother [Stanley Kirby]
20. Pretty Baby [Billy Murray]
21. The Sunshine Of Your Smile [John McCormack]
22. Chinatown, My Chinatown [American Quartet]
23. Will You Remember [Alice Green & Raymond Dixon]
24. At The Darktown Strutters' Ball [Original Dixieland Jazz Band]
25. Dear Old Pal Of Mine [John McCormack]

CD 3

1. Land Of Hope And Glory [Dame Clara Butt]
2. Tramp Tramp Tramp (The Boys Are Marching) [Knickerbocker Quartet]
3. All Aboard For Dixieland [Ada Jones & The Peerless Quartet]
4. A Little Bit Of Heaven [John McCormack]
5. I Love A Piano [Billy Murray]
6. Poor Butterfly [Victor Military Band]
7. The Ragtime Volunteers Are Off To War [Van And Schenck]
8. Play A Simple Melody [Billy Murray & Edna Brown]
9. Love Moon [Olive Kline & The Lyric Quartet]
10. After You're Gone [Marion Harris]
11. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For [Billy Murray & Ada Jones]
12. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows [Harry Fox]
13. Nola [Felix Arndt]
14. Hello Frisco [Reinald Werreneath & Olive Kline]
15. Hindustan [Joseph Smith's Orchestra]
16. In Siam [Billy Murray]
17. Can You Hear Me Calling Caroline [George McFarlane]
18. In The Palace Of Dreams [Henry Burr]
19. On The Road To Calais [Al Jolson]
20. St Louis Blues [W C Handy]
21. Everybody Loves A Jazz Band [Arthur Fields]
22. When I Leave The World Behind [Henry Burr]
23. Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye Soldier Boy [Peerless Quartet]
24. When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big Red Rose [Walter Van Brunt]
25. When The Moon Shines Bright On Charlie Chaplin [Murray Johnson]

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