With Mick Mansbridge

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In today's modern high-tech computer world, there is still a need in the countryside for the old traditional established and recognised methods for controlling the wild rabbit population.

Mick Mansbridge joins his protégé, Edward Cook, who is a professional rabbit catcher offering a very important service to landowners with the ever increasing problem in our countryside.

The DVD follows the actions of Edward and Mick on a West Country farm which is infested with rabbits.

The different methods used on this DVD are:

  • Rabbit bolting traps (for use with ferrets) when shooting
  • Purse nets (for use with ferrets)
  • Double and single flap tunnel cage traps (for use with ferrets)
  • Long nets
  • Drop nets
  • Live rabbit cages
  • Fenn traps

DVD Info

Region: 2
Running Time: 90 minutes

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