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David Brown Newsreel is a collection of short films made in the 1960s by the Yorkshire Film Company for the David Brown Corporation.

The films featured in this programme include:

"Assignment David Brown" (1969), which was produced to show the size and diversity of the company and features its factories, a range of products including tractors, engines, ships and hovercraft and the famous hand-built Aston Martin sports car

"Switch to Selectamatic" (1965), filmed at the Meltham factory and farms across the UK was made to introduce the new range of white tractors

"Newsreel No.1" (1961), shows David Brown tractors and equipment hard at work in Nigeria and Ghana

"Shrimping in Morecambe Bay", a short film which demonstrated one of the more unusual jobs that older David Brown tractors were put to

"Adverts", individually made for David Brown dealers, showing the latest tractors (includes 990 'Autodrive')

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Region: 2
Running Time: 55 minutes

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