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Alan Ward started to specialise in Olivers in 1973 when he moved to Swindon with a nucleus of three Oliver 70 Row Crops. From this nucleus he has built up a collection of twelve different members of the Hart-Parr, Oliver line and has one exhibit of all the different models that were imported into the UK.

This DVD enables the viewer to share the sights and sounds of these fine machines doing the work for which they were intended. Taken on farms in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire it demonstrates the versatility of tractors and matching equipment through the seasons of the farming year.

Contrast the plodding twin cylinder sound of the 1920's Hart-Parr to the smooth six cylinder power of the Oliver 70's. High definition DVD with varied camera angles, live sound and an informative commentary give first class entertainment not only to the enthusiast but to anyone interested in the vintage scene.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes

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