The New Forest

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Originally set aside by William the Conqueror, spend a year in life of Britain's famous ancient forest, a vivid exploration of the wildlife, the flora and fauna and the people of this much loved forest of England.

Discover the beauty of the forest during the four seasons and explore the heathlands in late summer, purple with heather and haunted by sand lizards and warblers. Valley bogs are rich in blue marsh flowers and vivid green mosses. Ponies and deer browse, to be joined in Autumn by the pigs who are put out to eat the wild acorns that are poisonous to the ponies and deer.

Forest keepers are filmed through the seasons as they strive to protect the forest enviroment and it's wildlife, nurturing a habitat for plants and animals alike, in defiance of the modern urbanisation.

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Running Time: 65 minutes

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