The Complete System Double DVDset

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Exercise is an essential part of therapeutic approach for arthritis. Pain and stiffness of the joints tend to discourage patients from exercising, however without exercise, joints can become even more stiff and painful. This happens because exercise actually keeps bones, muscles and joints healthy. If people do not exercise, their muscles become weaker, and their bones become ostepporotic.

Exercise pumps blood and body fluid through to the muscles, tendons and the joints, which will facilitate healing.

Take control of your life again by embarking on this specially designed system of gentle exercises for people suffering from arthritis.

Disc 1 - Exercise Beats Arthitis

  • Warm-up, breathing and gentle stretches
  • Warm-up for the body
  • Exercises for the neck, shoulders and spine
  • A fun rountine for the arms, legs and face
  • Exercising the extremities, hands and feet
  • The heart, lungs, legs and circulation
  • Exercising the whole body
  • A relaxed slow-down
  • Gentle relaxed movements for the body
  • Wind down and get on with your life

Disc 2 - More Exercise Beats Arthitis

  • Getting going - gentle stretching exercises to wake up the whole body
  • Moving faster - a warm-up to progressively get your heart-rate up, blood flowing and breathing working
  • Moving even faster - now your muscles and joints are ready to work
  • A fun rountine for the arms, legs and face
  • Getting stronger - exercises for the upper body
  • Getting even stronger - exercises for the lower body
  • Stretching out - exercising all of the body joints and muscles that are prone to stiffness
  • Letting go - quick and easy ways to release tension and relax

DVD Info

Double DVDset
Region: 0
Running Time: 90 minutes


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