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Ferrets and Ferreting provides an encouraging step by step guide to keeping and working ferrets, from birth right through to working them in the field.

It looks at all aspects of their welfare, the husbandry, how to keep them, feed them and handle them so they're sufficiently trained, fit and efficient for a day out hunting - controlling the rabbit population. It covers all elements of equipment needed for the ferreter to get started, including nets, spades, the ferret finder and the ferreter's dog.

Simon has kept ferrets nearly all his life and has a livelihood that is deeply entwined with the ferret. In the summer he travels around the UK, with his Pakefield ferrets demonstrating and displaying at shows and fairs and in winter, controlling rabbits in the fields of East Anglia.

You will see the basic art of ferreting, with healthy ferrets, nets laid correctly and rabbits obliging. If you are planning to work ferrets in the field or just keep one or two as pets, Simon's advice and knowledge will set you on your way.

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