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The Super Class

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Eighty years of Ford tractor history, shown in chronological order, are featured in this new series of DVD programmes. Using original colour and black & white promotional and information films professionally made by the Ford Motor Company over a number of decades, this series brings the story of the Ford tractor back to life

Seven films in this issue all about the Super Class, the name Ford gave to their new Super Major and Super Dexta tractor models. Our first film concentrates on the Super Major, highlighting all the latest improvements, it's even been given its own theme tune! Following on is an excellent film featuring the Super Dexta which boasts "the tractor that puts power into light tractor farming". The Dexta joins in as we find out about 'The Love of Three Farmers' and we accompany the Worldwide Fordson Dealer Operation, travelling the world promoting their tractors and machinery.

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Region: 0
Running Time: 75 minutes

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