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Operation Tractor

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Eighty years of Ford tractor history, shown in chronological order, are featured in this new series of DVD programmes. Using original colour and black & white promotional and information films professionally made by the Ford Motor Company over a number of decades, this series brings the story of the Ford tractor back to life!

In Volume Two, eight old films take a close look at the New Major of the 1950s and particularly the most popular version, the Diesel Major. In the film 'Black Magic' we follow a Norfolk farmer who specialises in crop drying, using a massive fleet of tractors. In 'Operation Tractors' thirty-one Majors are delivered to one farmer and are driven to their destination in convoy! The 1953 British and 1954 World Ploughing Championships demonstrate the Fordson competing against its competitors before we see a Diesel Major really put through its paces in '6 Days And 6 Nights' of continuous ploughing.

With machines from 1917 up to the 1990s, this series will feature something for everyone interested in Ford tractors and brings a completely new perspective to the machines that helped revolutionise farming the world over.

DVD Info

Region: 2
Running Time: 72 minutes
Release Date: 24/08/09

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