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Fred Dibnah's World Of Steam, Steel & Stone DVD

The Machines that Changed the World - The Industrial Revolution was a time when Britain invented machines that were to change the world and it was a very important period in our history that Fred felt was never given the attention it deserved. Here, he shows his appreciation for Britain's industrial heritage. Men of Iron - Fred shows his admiration for some of the great engineers of the Victorian era; Brunel, Stephenson and Armstrong. He admires their tenacity, their ability not only to think but also to take risks and he shows a true understanding of the astonishing things they did.

Little Book of Traction Engines

Fred Dibnah's Edition of Little Book of Traction Engines details the development and heyday of the working steam road locomotive and takes a look at the many derivatives designed to economise industrial and agricultural processes, previously performed with archaic and outdated methods. Using contemporary clour photographs and rarely seen black and white archive images, it looks at the sheer power of the heavy haulage engine and the extraordinary loads and tonnage they were capable of pulling over British roads. Little Book of Traction Engines celebrates the giants of the road in a golden age of British industrial heritage, when the country's engineering excellence was once recognised the world over. This abridged edition contains an affectionate tribute to legendary broadcaster Fred Dibnah, who was a massive traction engine enthusiast and championed the steam preservation movement throughout his life.

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Running Time: 58 minutes
Book: 128 Pages

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