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At their peak the International Harvester Company was reputed to be the largest and most influential farm equipment manufacturer of the 20th century. These promotional and information films make up the first in a series of DVD programmes featuring mostly agricultural machinery but also includes large trucks and heavy plant manufactured by International Harvester - a reminder of their heyday in which all things seemed possible.

Six archive films are included in this programme, two illustrating the progress the company had made up to that point and another showing the setting up and operation of a general purpose plough, following the techniques of good ploughing. There's also a close-up look at some of the IH farm machinery of the day, including several baler models, combines and the very impressive 30 series tractors.

Certainly International Harvester was a force to be reckoned with in the middle part of the 20th century and these old movies go a long way to capturing a flavour of that success.

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