Monty Roberts

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Join host John Forsythe for an in-depth look at internationally acclaimed horse trainer Monty Roberts' unique, non-violent training methods. Watch as Monty demonstrates Join-Up from start to finish with a young filly. Monty helps the unstarted horse to accept her first saddle, bridle and rider in under 30 minutes!

Show on location at Monty's beautiful Flag Is Up Farms in California, this programme is a wonderful introduction to Monty Roberts' life and groundbreaking work with horses. The programme features rare footage of Monty working with his famous cutting horse, Dually and showing how Join-Up even works with the deer who live on the grounds of the farm!

  • Special Bonus:

This DVD version includes the program 'How To Use The Dually Schooling Halter'. Learn how to properly and safely use Monty's special Dually halter to get positive results from all your training efforts.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 80 minutes

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