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On Easter Sunday 2007 around 350 vintage and classic tractors gathered at the Lincolnshire Showground for the start of the 20th National Vintage Tractor Road Run.

This 'National' had a very relaxed feel to it, there was none of the usual bunching of tractors caused by the police or a lead tractor driving far too slowly. This year saw the introduction of a solid-bar towing rule and a clamping down on the bad driving behaviour that has spoilt some 'Nationals' in the past.

There was also a marked reduction in the number of passengers being carried in linkage mounted transport boxes and small trailers. The signing of the route and the route itself were superb with most of the journey being on quiet roads and long stretches of farm tracks. The route planners even managed to finding a couple of hills!

Tractors ranged from a 1939 Fordson N through to a 1988 Ford 7810 and included a 1949 Lanz Bulldog Express, a 1982 Trantor, a 1970 Oshkosh and a 1977 Fendt Turbo to name but a few.

A very enjoyable event organised by Lincolnshire Group of the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club.

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