Intermediate Level
Sarah Picot

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Are you a Pilates student who loves the benefits of the Pilates machines but want to practice at home without the expense of buying the equipment? Have you been doing mat at an advanced level but want to add new life to your routine? Are you new to the Pilates but have already mastered the More than Mat Beginner level? Then this is the workout for you!

Dancer and certified Pilates instructor, Sarah Picot has created a program that helps you enhance your Pilates mat workout. More Than Mat Pilates is filled with exercises traditionally reserved for the Pilates machine. Sarah has modified them so that you can do the exercises at home without the expense of owning equipment! This program is a great way to increase your Pilates repertoire while getting a full body, rigorous workout.

More than Mat Pilates can be harder than a regular Pilates mat workout, and this intermediate level is not recommended for the beginner Pilates student.

  • Benefit from Joseph Pilates brilliant machine exercises at home
  • No equipment necessary
  • Flatten your stomach and tone your entire body
  • A 38 minute workout with exercises seen on no other home DVD
  • Speed up the More Than Mat Pilates Intermediate workout for an efficient 20 minute workout in the bonus Cardio Flow section

DVD Info

Region: 2
Running Time: 78 minutes


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