Wake Up Exercises
Ann Smith

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An easy way to make exercise a habit Wake up from head to toe every day of the week with Ann Smith’s stretching and strengthening exercises. Seven different three-minute sequences correspond to the seven days of the week, offering a practical way to develop a daily exercise habit.

Set to seven different melodies arranged and orchestrated by famed composer Gustav Holst, these are exercises you’ll look forward to as a beautiful way to start the day.

Trained as a dancer, Smith demonstrates slow, continuous stretching movements that develop flexibility and strength. With isometric and aerobic qualities, they challenge the body without stressing it, making them perfect for exercisers of all ages and abilities.

Most exercise regimes fail because they're too ambitious, too inconvenient or too unpleasant. Fitness expert and former dancer Ann Smith has the answer - Rise and Shine - that promises a stronger, more flexible body in just minutes a day.

Her innovative exercise system, based on the fluid stretching movements dancers use to stay limber, tackles the biggest stumbling blocks to daily exercise - time and convenience. To underscore the simplicity of making these exercises a morning routine, Rise and Shine is set in a bedroom with Smith wearing nightgowns and pajamas rather than typical exercise clothes.

Smith's husband, Roger, joins her to emphasise the effectiveness of the exercises for men as well as women and others less nimble than the remarkable 74-year-old!

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Region: 2
Running Time: 30 minutes

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